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Bat Plants – A unique and stunning plant 

Posted on January 18, 2023

This beautiful tropical plant has large glossy leaves.  It has a unique flower having bat-like wings from which long drooping whiskers arise. It grows very well in Townsville in the right conditions.

 Bat Plants belong to the genus Tacca where the Black species is Tacca Chantrieri and the White species is Tacca Integrifolia. A rarer variant being the Green Bat plant.  This plant is native to tropical and subtropical rainforests of Asia. 

Tacca Bat Plant
White Bat Plant – Tacca integrifolia

They are the plant to add to tropical gardens for extra wow. They are happy in pots as well. 

They are an understory plant so enjoys a shaded position in a warm humid spot perfect for Townsville, but in saying that I’ve found that they can tolerate some morning sun even here. 

For best results keep your Tacca moist but not wet during active growth.  Even when the leaves wilt, they will quickly spring back with water.  They enjoy a well drained loamy, nutritious soil or potting mix. Use quality fertiliser such as Troforte to keep the leaves dark green and the flowers large.  Additionally the large leaves will tatter and burn if exposed to wind so a protected area is preferred. 

The Bat Plant is one of the most wonderful things you can ever grow. 

Black Bat Plant – Tacca chantrieri (Source Wikimedia Commons)
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