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BROAD BEAN Coles Early Dwarf / Botanical Name: Vicia faba


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Mr Fothergill’s broad beans produce a heavy cropping variety growing about 1m in height with medium sized pods. Full of flavour and a strong hardy grower broad beans like a rich well dug soil but most soils will give a satisfactory crop. Broad beans provide a fantastic source of vitamin C folate and fibre and are ideal for deep freezing.We hope you enjoy these broad bean seeds; just another great example of vegetable seeds from Mr Fothergill’s!Plant Height: 1mHow To GrowPrepare double rows 30cm (1’) apart 5cm (2”) deep sowing seeds 25cm (10”) apart. If more than one double row is to be planted allow 60cm (2’) between them. Pinch out the top of the plants when pods are 7-10cm (3-4”) long. This will encourage an earlier crop of well filled pods and help to deter blackfly. Broad Beans like a rich well dug soil but most soils will give a satisfactory crop. If possible add a general fertiliser to the soil before sowing. Seedlings emerge in 10-14 days.May require support by way of stakes or a trellis to assist in holding up the weight of their harvest.When To PlantPlant these vegetable seeds from early Autumn to late Winter.Preferring a cooler climate; broad beans will produce an abundant crop. In warmer regions plant in winter for a spring harvest.Harvest18-20 weeksFlowering8-10 weeksSowAutumn WinterImportant NoteApply minimal watering in early stages of growth; increase to regular watering once the flowers appear. Water stress and/or sudden changes in temperature can result in blossom drop or flowers failing to set.

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