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Cuphea Firecracker 140mm


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What you need to know at a glance;

What a Firecracker!!! Another must have shrub for your garden or hanging pot. The delicate little flowers on a close glance almost resemble a purple/black bat face, with brilliant red wings, or to some it resembles a lit cigar, hence known as “The Cigar Plant.” Whatever it looks like to you it is definitely a unique plant with loads of colour character and texture to add to your collection .

– A unique small shrub like evergreen ground cover, border plant

– Makes for a gorgeous choice for a hanging basket or pot as it’s growing pattern will spill over the side

– Grows to a height of 30 cm and width of 40cm

– Low Maintenance, a light prune will help keep this plant looking fresh and beautiful

– Regular water into well draining soil, especially in the first two months while it is establishing

– Brilliant coloured prolific flowerer throughout spring and summer

– Full sun to part shade

– Liquid fertiliser regularly will help this beauty look its best

Mother Nature never disappoints, what a stunningly unique plant. For me I love to see this beauty in hanging pots or garden planters. It has a way of catching your eye and you can’t look away, worthy of a place in everyone’s garden or courtyard.

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