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Hibiscus Rio Clara Ruby Red 140mm


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Hibiscus are stunning evergreen leafy shrubs known for their tropical appeal and exotic brilliant coloured flowers. In Townsville we are lucky to live in a sub- tropical climate, which is a perfect environment for Hibiscus to thrive.
The Rio Clara is a hybrid known for its rich glossy green foliage, complemented by the most spectacular vibrantly coloured large blooms.

– Full sun, although in Townsville a position dappling the afternoon sun is preferred

– They are thirsty plants and like moist free draining soil, so water a couple of times a week in the warmer months down to once a week in winter

– Mulch is a must in Townsville it will help keep the soil moist and happy

– They look best if fertilised monthly all year around, which ensure glossy leaves all year, and prolific flowers all year round

– Compact and rich glossy green bushy growth to 2 mtrs high and 1.5 mtrs wide

– Grows well in pots or garden

– Prune regularly to keep looking lush and beautiful

– Attracts bees, butterflies and hummingbirds

– It is a versatile plant, regularly used in tropical gardens as a feature plant, screening fences, creating texture and colour to layer your garden, to stunning courtyard pots

I love the dark evergreen glossy foliage on the Rio Clara’s just on its own, then the flowers start to unfurl and you see that this shrub is a show stopper. The most brilliant red delicate flowers, with a moody almost black centre, Mother Nature at her best.

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