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LEEK Lyon Prizetaker / Botanical Name: Allium porrum


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A popular early strain with long thick white stems of fine flavour. Will grow well in any garden soil and adaptable to a range of climates.We hope you enjoy these vegetable seeds just another great example of vegetable seeds from Mr Fothergill’s!How To GrowSow 15mm deep in a seed bed. Transplant to final growing positions when seedlings are 20cm tall taking care to avoid damage to the roots. Make holes 15cm deep and 15cm apart allowing 30cm between rows. Drop a plant into each hole and water it in. Do NOT firm soil round the plant. Generous feeding promotes quick growth. Harvest when stems are 20mm thick usually 12-16 weeks from transplanting.When To PlantSpring to AutumnHarvest12-16 weeks

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