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Paw Paw Red Bisexual 140mm


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Bisexual Gold and Bisexual Red

What you need to know at a glance;

• Paw Paw plants are not just known for its fruit production, like the banana plant they grow very quickly and they make an excellent option to produce a very quick shade in your new garden projects to allow more sun sensitive plants more protection whilst they establish themselves.

• Full sun plants

• Grows up to 5 metres tall, and plant 1.5 mtrs apart

• Bisexual means you only need one plant to product fruit

• Try to position them in a position protected from wind

• Water and fertilise regularly to ensure good fruit production

Paw Paw’s produce a beautiful sweet fruit, which are a great fruit to eat and add to salads. They also have some amazing health benefits couple that with it being a full sun plant that creates shade and grows super quick, the paw paw makes an excellent companion plant in your garden.

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