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Zamioculcas zamiifolia / Zanzibar Gem 200mm


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What you need o know at a glance:.

– This plant literally thrives neglect, it would rate 10 out of 10 on a scale of hardiest and easiest to grow plants. That coupled with its glossy attractive evergreen foliage drought and sun tolerant make this a perfect choice for beginner gardeners or “brown thumbs”.

– Suitable in gardens best growth in part sun position

– These plants will survive weeks without water and in winter you drop watering to almost nothing, a couple of times a month in summer, to once a month in winter.

– Fertilise in spring

– Slow growing plant grows to 60cm tall will grow multiple stems

– Loves the heat a humidity so grows well in tropics and sub tropics

– Beautiful indoor plant option, low maintenance, so easy to grow.

– Careful though this plant can be mildly toxic to humans animals

I love the versatility, ease of growing, and glossy deep green foliage this plant grows. Also perfect additions to flower arrangements you can make at home. Put a stem in water and It literally won’t die, even better, it maintains its beautiful dark green gloss, a living flower arrangement for as long as you keep topping up the water.

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