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Check out our captivating assortment of ground covers and creepers, ideal for adding depth, colour, and visual appeal to your garden or landscape. Browse our diverse selection of low-growing, spreading plants that effectively cover bare soil, prevent erosion, and create a harmonious, layered aesthetic. Enhance your outdoor space with these versatile and attractive options for a dynamic and picturesque garden.
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We only provide our $25.00 delivery service to the Townsville Region. For large (trade) quantity enquiries, please contact us for a quote.

Super Advanced stock (100L bags and above) are not listed on this website. Please contact us for any enquiries on availability.

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    Casuarina glauca Cousin It 140mm
    6 X $12.50 = $75.00
    Murraya Min-a-Min 200mm
    13 X $18.00 = $234.00
    Troforte M All Purpose - 3.5KG
    1 X $38.00 = $38.00
    Murraya Min-a-Min 140mm
    24 X $11.00 = $264.00
    Olea europaea / Olive 165mm
    6 X $26.00 = $156.00