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Plant Export

If you have a large project in Papua New Guinea (PNG) that requires the import/export of plants, Project Plants Townsville can help!

There is a ship that sails directly from Townsville to Port Moresby every month.

Pick ‘N’ Pay

Come in and browse. Pick out the plants you need, pay, then head back to your job site. You can also request delivery if you don’t have a truck or if the order is too large for you to handle.


We can offer a delivery service directly to your job site in the Townsville area. No more waiting for the Tuesday or Thursday delivery days from North or South. Get your plants when you need them!

Come and pick out your plants in advance (or order them by email or phone) and we will deliver them as close as possible to the time that you and your team want to plant.

If we can’t do a delivery or your job site is outside of town, we can arrange a reliable carrier for you so you can keep your mind on the job, and not transport issues.

Stock Sourcing

Have you got a commercial planting schedule or large job that you need help with getting the job together?

This is what we do!  We source from the best production nurseries around the region and our network contacts generally means we can source the stock you need.  If we can’t, there is generally a substitution we can suggest to help you out.

Just ask us.

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