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Coconut Fibre Totem Pole


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Coconut Fibre Totem Poles
4cm Diameter.

Discover the difference Coconut Fibre Totem Poles can make to your gardening endeavours. These coir poles have been designed to cater to a myriad of climbing plants, making them an integral part of both home gardening and professional horticulture projects.

Uniquely Crafted For Climbing Plants
These Totem Poles are distinguished by a unique blend of high-moisture retaining coir fibre and sturdy PVC piping:

– High-Moisture Retaining Coir Fibre: The moisture-laden coir fibre provides an ideal environment for plant roots, encouraging them to securely anchor onto the organic fibres for quicker growth. Unlike with wooden poles Coconut Fibre Totem Poles ensure roots achieve a firm hold on the fibre mat.

– Robust PVC Piping: Each totem pole houses an internal PVC core, promising enduring strength and stability. The resilient construction defies wear and tear, making these totem poles a cost-effective and sustainable choice for any garden project.

Optimised For Plant Growth
Coconut Fibre Totem Poles are perfect for many climbing plant species, fostering a natural environment that these plants don’t just prefer, but excel in:

– Superior Plant Support: The external coir netting offers exceptional plant support, nurturing a robust rooting system.
– Natural Habitat: The unique design of the totem poles mimics the climbing plants’ natural habitat, facilitating healthier growth and vigour.

Whether you’re a gardening enthusiast working on a home project or a professional horticulturist, unlock the growth potential of your indoor or outdoor climbing plants with Coconut Fibre Totem Poles.

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