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Coir Cocoblend 60/40 Optima 5kg Block


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Check out our pure Coir 60/40 CocoBlend growing media, the ultimate solution for growing healthy and vibrant plants. This unique blend of 60% coco pith and 40% coco chip, offers a perfect balance of water retention and air-filled porosity that is essential for optimal plant growth.

With low EC levels (<1ms/cm @ 1:1.5 dilution), our Coir Cocoblend ensures a safe growing medium for your plants to thrive in. It readily absorbs water, making it a highly efficient choice for hydroponics and other gardening applications. The good air-filled porosity ensures that the roots of your plants get the oxygen they need for healthy growth.

Each 5 kg block of our Coir Cocoblend yields approximately 55 liters of growing media when expanded, and only requires 15-20 liters of water to wet and expand the block. This makes it a highly efficient and cost-effective solution for all your gardening needs.

Not only is our Coir Cocoblend a great choice for your plants, but it is also an environmentally friendly option, as it is a sustainable and renewable resource. So why wait? Switch to our premium quality Coir 60/40 Cocoblend growing media today and see the difference it can make in your plants’ growth and health.

Premium quality coir growing media with low EC (<1ms/cm @ 1:1.5 dilution)
A 60% / 40% blend of Coco Pith & Coco Chip
Excellent growing medium for pot plants
Readily absorbs water
Good air-filled porosity
Each 5 kg block yields approx. 55L of coir when expanded (Use about 15-20 L of water to wet and expand each coir block)

Product Trials
Results from our own trials, comparing traditional bark based growing media compared to Growrite coir cocoblend!

Better roots, better growth.

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