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Pogonatherum paniceum / Baby Panda Grass 140mm


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What you need to know at a glance:

– This dwarf matt green bushy shrub-like can have many applications in your garden, as well as courtyards and indoors. It is a beautiful, easy to grow, bamboo-like.

– Will tolerate full sun although it does best if it gets a little shade during the day

– This is a baby indeed only growing to 75cm tall and 20cmm wide

– Adaptable to work in gardens, pots, courtyards and indoors

– It likes regular water in light well draining soil

– This plant loves humidity and grows well planted near ponds or water features

– Can be grown indoors as well ventilated position, creating an eco climate inside will make sure this plant flourishes indoors.

– Green houses are another good placement

– My favourite application for this plant would manicured topiary feature plant in pot or as a hedge or garden border, manicured into your chosen shape

What a great and stress less bamboo look a like option for your garden. If you have a linear well organised minimalist garden or even a zen style garden this would be a must addition.

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