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Spredmax / Wetting Agent 200ml


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A non-ionic wetter for use with pesticide fungicide & herbicide sprays in the home garden.Spredmax® is a concentrated spreader wetting agent used to maximise spray application wetting and sticking and to improve the overall effectiveness of application.Spredmax® is ideal for adding to prepared solutions of fungicides pesticides and herbicides. It may also be used to improve foliar applications of soluble and liquid fertilisers.Spredmax® helps improve the spray solution ability to stick to leaves which is important for plants with waxy leaves or those that are hard to wet. This is particularly important for grasses and weeds. Most herbicides kill weeds via direct leaf contact and Spredmax® maxmises spray contact by preventing spray droplets from beading on the leaf surface increasing droplet contact area thus improving spray efficiency and saving cost.Active Constituent: 370g/Lt Nonyl Phenol Ethylene Oxide Condensate- 200ml Bottle can be added to up to 1000Lts of pre-mixed chemical.- Contains measuring cap for convenient measuring.- Available size: 200ml.

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