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Lawn Top Dressing Blend 30L


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An exceptional fine screened blend to assist in levelling lawns, improving lawn soils, building strong root systems & revitalising lawn appearance. Perfect for Townsville’s poor clay soil!

Searles Premium Top Dressing is a high quality blend of composted natural and organic ingredients, including fertiliser, fine loam and dressing sand to produce an excellent lawn top dressing. Performance is boosted with:

-3 month Robust Lawn Booster Fertiliser. For strong controlled release of nutrients.
-Contains Penetraide Re-wetting granules for deeper water penetration & long term re-wetting to resist dry out.
-Iron boosted for deep green lawns.
-Fine particle size. Refined and sieved blend with added sand to settle down to lawn roots easily.
-Contains minerals for encouraging stronger, deeper lawn root development.

Available size: 30L

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